Polyurethane Foam Injection

Whenever you recognize sinking or cracked sidewalks, and stairs on your property, this is generally something that involves a foundation problem. At College Station Foundation Repair Experts, we use something called Polyurethane foam to lift and align the concrete. This is a product often used due to its inexpensive price and its ability to see immediate benefits. It has been tried and proven effective. Some contractors may use a compound of concrete and mud to level the foundation but the polyurethane foam proves more effective. It can expand within the voids and underneath the concrete quickly to level the concrete.

An Efficient Solution

Concrete settlement usually happens due to the amount of moisture and soil under the concrete. This may be caused by erosion or drought. Compact may fill the space and cause the soil to shift under the slab. This is generally what makes the concrete start to sink. The concrete settlement, as this is often referred to, isn’t anything new. It is something that occurs often, which is why we found it useful to offer our polyurethane foam injection service. The use of the foam will reduce the holes and patchwork, which helps the process go faster. Once injected, most of our customers can go right back to using their walkways, driveways or stairs again within 15 to 20 minutes.

Increases the Property’s Value

When someone is looking at a home and evaluating it, they are sure to notice foundation problems. Why not take care of it with one call to our professional foundation contractors. If you are showing your home to prospective buyers, let us take care of your failing foundation by injecting just the right amount of polyurethane foam. Don’t distract a potential buyer with foundation problems when we can quickly take care of the problem for you.

Professional Concrete Services

Whenever there are foundation-related issues, the problem is best resolved by a qualified professional with the proven ability to effectively address the problem. When a homeowner attempts to resolve the problem, they often make the problem worse and spend more money than is necessary for trying to make the needed repairs and adjustments. Why not get it right the first time by simply allowing our qualified and professional foundation repair experts to address the problem you are experiencing. They will know how to apply the foam and how much to produce the results you are looking for.

Polyurethane – An Affordable Solution

Surely there are other ways of handling the problem that you may be experiencing with your sunken foundation but polyurethane foam has proven, by far, to be the most practical. It is the most practical because it works quickly and due to its affordability. Why would anyone spend more than they have to try to resolve their foundation issues? When you are looking for a quick, easy, and affordable solution, call College Station Foundation Repair Experts. We get the job done so that you don’t have to!


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